More about me

I am loyal, hard-working and eager to acquire new knowledge. I am very social and love team work.

It all started when I was really young, I had to break every electronic device that came my way. The first thing I had to do with a new toy is break it open to see what's inside.

The next phase was building small FM radio transmitters. Oh boy, that was fun.

After that, I got a new toy - Raspberry Pi. Man, the combination of electronic boards and programming. That was awesome!

After playing around and programming, I realized that this was what I wanted to do in life. I started out with simple HTML and CSS.However, I realized that I am not good with colours!

Back End is just more Awesome.

"What is internet, mom?"

Year is 2004.

I was six years old, in few months I should start going to first year of elementary school. Few years before that, NATO forced Serbia to retreat from Kosovo & Metohija. With military, we, the civilians, had to leave our homes and land or stay and pray to survive. It was hard in Serbia at that time, but my parents had to buy new PC. All I remember is that our PC was white and had Pentium 4 processor. We had Dial-up internet connection too. It was not common in small city in Serbia to have any of that in this time. We had to have it since my mother is a journalist.

When hardware arrived, I asked "What internet is, mom?". Her explanation was "We use internet to check what are the prices of fruits and vegetables at farmers market."

I was stunned. What incredible idea! What else for we should use internet?!

My time arrived, I was braking things, spending my moms Dial-up hours every day, trying to understand tech. The WiFi came with new ADSL system in our small city. No one has a password, and I had a new Laptop with WiFi modem included. I've started playing with HTML at that time and rest is a history.

I want to know what was response to your first "What is Internet" question? ☺️